Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moebius: 40 Days in the Desert B

Moebius' 40 Days in the Desert is glorious book of art that showcases exactly what Moebius does best: Create absolutely stunning line work and write a story that leaves us wondering what's going on, but not caring either way. 40 Days in the Desert is a a set of 70 images that are loosely tied together by a repeating character (or at least, what appears to be the same character) and a setting that is sometimes resembles a desert. Absent of text, the images are purely up to your own interpretation, but the beautiful work speaks all for itself. 

Pros: It's Moebius, that's all that need be said

Cons: It's paperback, so it's delicate

How To Buy: Out of Print in America, it can be imported for exorbitant fees or bought from Stuart Ng

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  1. Loved your art at the show! So sad about Moebius. I posted something like 4-5 times about him on FB when I heard he had died. You should check out The Long Tomorrow and his Arzach series if you haven't already. Legendary works.