Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Earth (CubeBook)

Part of the Cube Book series, The Earth dedicates itself to documenting astounding photos of, you guessed it, Earth. Broken into sections labeled such as, The Pillars of the Sky (Mountains) , Roots of the World (Forests), and The Gods of Fire (Volcanos), the book skillfully guides you through similar landscapes while simultaneously leaping across continents. This book knows what it is for, and delivers page after page of text-free wonder. There are no humans photographed, and only a couple of animals, this is purely a landscape book, but it lives up to that fully. I would recommend this as a great inspiration/reference book, not only for it's multitude of truly breathtaking shots of unique landscapes, but because the pallet in each and every image is evocative.   

This series also has the books, The Sea and The Sky, and I can vouch that, having seen The Sky, it is also an excellent book. Again, great for color insperation. 

Pros: Nearly 800 pages of beautiful glossy astounding photos with no text. This is a book made to enjoy. It has good binding, and a hard cover. Although it is a rather thick book, so I wouldn't recommend throwing it around too much

Cons: Not exactly a Con, but it's dimensions are more iconic than ergonomic. At 6.5" x 6.5" and 2" thick, it does resemble a cube. However, it's too small for a traditional book shelf, too tiny to be considered a classical table book, but too heavy to be pocketed. That being said, I would still recommend, and purchase it for anyone. 

How To Buy: Amazon
This is another book that can be found in overstock, or Half Price Book places. That being said, it can be bought from sellers online for under $5. However, BE CAREFUL there is a version out there of The Earth that is LITERALLY a Cube, 2" x 2" x 2". While cute, it's notorious for being impossible to see anything or really enjoy. 

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