Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Art of Pixar: The Complete Color Scripts

The Art of Pixar: The Complete Color Scripts and Select Art from 25 Years of Animation, is a lovely book to behold. Published by Chronicle Books, it spans every major motion picture by Pixar, and even some of their shorts, displaying their color scripts and a little concept art too. Each film section opens up saying which artist created the scripts, and what media they used. Afterwards, the artwork speaks for itself. Here we experience the true importance of color to deliver the feeling and atmosphere of an entire story without ever saying anything.

Toy Story before the characters were even finalized. But still, you can recognize the parts of the movie. 

In A Bug's Life, you can see each place is given a specific color palate. Making colors that are not part of that palate really stand out, like the bird.

Of all the color scripts in this book, I think that the ones that Lou Romano did for The Incredibles are my favorites. In these scripts, Romano really breaks down each scene into its basic colors, sometimes only using 3 or 4, yet we still understand exactly what is going on, and how we feel about it. These scripts really answer the hardest questions, determining which color should represent which space, how large a space it should take up, and how they will interact with each other. How simplistically sophisticated it is is truly breath taking. 

I love the color scripts of Up, they have such a charming character!

Some color scripts for a few of Pixar's shorts are in this book. 

I just really liked this guy.

Some concept art for the various Pixar movies. Most of the examples here were painted by Lou Romano.

Pros: Hard back, sturdily bound, great color quality and nice paper. It is thick with work, and no writing except for a small introduction. It is longer than tall, near a movie screen ratio. 

Cons: I've heard that this book contains only a little more work than is already located in other Pixar books dedicated to each movie. However, if you do not already possess a number of Pixar books, this publication is a wonderful collection

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  1. I wish they would make movies with drawings that look like the initial artwork. I have the Ratatouille book (one of my favorite animated movies) and I love the looser drawings they start with.
    Very interesting blog, great book recommendations. (I came here through J. Taymore, but am going to order the Alexander McQueen book.)