Thursday, November 10, 2011

Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design

Naive is a collection of work by contemporary artists whose work, as it says in the subtitle, has a modernism folklore aesthetic. Containing the work of over 60 artists and companies, Naive is a surprisingly cohesive body of work. In fact, sometimes it can be a little difficult to tell where one artist ends and another begins. That being said, the entire book is very impressive, and I can safely say there was not a single page or artist that I didn't appreciate and enjoy. Showcasing some recognizable pieces, such as band posters, ads, and t-shirt prints, Naive shows a good representation of the stylistic trends of the day.

Naive provides a nice amount of variety while still staying true to the theme of the book. In fact, I find it's collection a lot more cohesive and delightful than a number of other collection books with fewer individuals involved. 

Pros: Beautiful paper quality, no writing just work, and a very large selection of artists and exposure. It is really a great resource not only for inspiration, but also as a recording of current trends and aesthetics. I love it! 

Cons: It is a paper back, and the binding, while fine, will not hold up to extreme battle damage. Not a great coffee table book, but perfect to sit on a shelf and be loved from time to time. 

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